AFG Vs ZIM Something happened in 2nd ODI matches


Cricket is called a game of uncertainties, anything that can be hard to believe on the field can ever be. Now that’s something happened during Zimbabwe and Afghanistan in the ODI series. There is hardly any such coincidence in the history of cricket before. Within three days, two matches were played and their scorecard could snatch your senses.

Afghanistan cleaned the series of two T-20 matches against Zimbabwe and won the first ODI match thereafter. Something happened in the second one-day match that everyone’s eyes were torn apart. In fact, the scorecard of the first and second ODIs played between Zimbabwe and Afghanistan is exactly the same, the only difference is that the first match was won by Afghanistan, the second Zimbabwe.

First ODI Afghanistan scored  333/5 (50/50 ov) and Zimbabwe score 179 (34.4 ov) were Afghanistan won by 154 run, In second ODI Zimbabwe scored the same score 333/5 (50/50 ov) and Afghanistan scored 179 (30.1 ov), Zimbabwe won by same margin 154 run. In both ODI first and second  team score same score and win by same margin.



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