Want to Win Fantasy league? Six Great Tips and Trick.

Hey first – time fantasy players, If you’re going to play the game, you have to play the game. Which means having a strategy to win? So listen Fantasy Cricket is not about only luck. It’s sure that winning at Fantasy Cricket is probably depending on 75% luck but what about other 25%? That’s Skill, preparation and positive attitude. And that’s something that can be learned.

We’ve got some handy tips that you cannot afford to ignore…

Tip 1 – Get ready with full information.

A Fantasy Cricket Match is based on batting and bowling orders which are the most debated part of cricketing strategy. A little change in the order can change the course of the game.

  • Get every little information related to match and
  • Pick quality players in your team.
  • Check all previous matches at least last 3-4 matches of them and try to select players who done well in that matches.

Tip 2  – Don’t get over excited

Don’t get over excited by new names tried tested players will always be the safest bet. Whenever team adds new players in squad first get the full info about players before adding them in your team.

Tip 3 – Favourite Player

Selecting your favourite player isn’t always a good choice.

  • Try to select player who consistently giving good performance because that players can give you more point as compare to other.

Tip 4 – Take Calculated Risk

  • If you want to win fantasy cricket you will have to take a risk show your guts but that’s don’t mean you are selecting players who is not playing. Take risk but Calculated Risk.
  • If you are going for grand league you should take a risk prefers the players which are selected by minimum people.

Tip 5 – Pitch Condition

Pitch Condition is also most important part of cricket so before selecting your playing 11 keep pitch condition in your mind.

  • Check at least last 4-5 matches which played on that ground.
  • If pitch is slow and good for spinner so prefer spinner in your team
  • If ground is small so prefer big hitter in your team.

Tip 6 – Prefer Domestic league

Play domestic series like South Africa, New Zealand domestic and etc. Because in these matches only few people have information about players. So you have a better chance here for winning as compare to international matches.